Chava’s performance touched the women in a way only music can. It was soulful, inspiring and beautiful. Her poise, voice and talent are a true gift to her audience.
~Dina Kantor, Co-Director, Chabad of Westport, Connecticut


Chava’s voice is captivating. When she starts to sing, you do not want the songs to end. Her voice is so pure and perfect. People from all backgrounds were spellbound. It was truly a pleasure hosting her. A few women who heard her sing the night before and were not planning on coming to our event came only to hear her voice again!
~Sara Fradkin, San Diego Chabad Hebrew Academy


Thanks for a wonderful performance! Everyone really enjoyed it!  The songs you chose were perfect! You had the ladies laughing, crying, and thirsting for more.  We can’t wait to have you back!
~Nechama Dina Carlebach, Co-director, Chabad of Downtown San Diego


Chava’s voice doesn’t just reach the ears and sound beautiful; it truly touches the soul. Her incredible talent for singing mixed with the beautiful lyrics and nigunim she sings is such a kiddush Hashem and gives me chills every time I hear it!
~Rochel Flickshtein, Youth and Family Program Director, Chabad of Delaware


Chava is a young singer with an extraordinarily beautiful and heart-warming voice. She performed for about one hundred women at our pre-Rosh Hashanah dinner and sang pieces in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The women loved her. Many of them cried while she sang. She really touched them. I highly recommend her for any women’s event.
~Rosie Weinstein, Director, AURA Women’s League, Chabad Lubavitch of Bucks County, PA


Seldom does one have the incredible experience of being transported to another realm. Just last week, I, along with one hundred and fifty Jewish women from all walks of life, laughed, cried, and were swept away by the beauty, depth, heart and soul of Chava’s pure angelic, mellifluous and powerful voice. Her performance at the culmination of the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Program at the National Jewish Retreat in Alexandria, VA, was the thing that actually propelled the women to move forward in their quest for Judaism on a deeply personal level.
~Shaindy Jacobson, Director, The Rosh Chodesh Society


Chava has the voice of an angel. She added so much to the Jewish Girls Winter Weekend Retreat 2012. She touched our campers of all ages and backgrounds by singing beautiful, soulful songs, leading Kabbalat Shabbat and sharing her inspiring life story. She also brought out their talents by leading a stunning choir. I am so glad Chava joined us for a Shabbos that we will never forget.
~Nechama Laber, Founder and Co-Director, Jewish Girl’s Retreat


Singing with a depth beyond her years, Chava performed songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino, as well as classical selections from acclaimed composers such as Bellini, Hahn, Rachmaninov, and Puccini. As I looked across the room, meeting the eyes of other women, I could see them wiping away tears. . . It was a rare and transformative experience.
~Ariella Shapiro, for COLlive.com